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#line 24 "threads.nw"
extern unsigned int cid;      /* id of current thread */
extern Node **ds_base;

#line 79 "threads.nw"
#if 0
typedef union thread_node *ThreadQueue; /* already declared in heap.h */

#define THREAD_INFO \
    NodeInfo           *info; \
    unsigned int     id;            /* (unique) thread id */ \
    ThreadQueue        next;        /* link to next thread of queue */

struct thread_state {
    int                reason;            /* reason for suspension */
    Label        ip;          /* next instruction to be executed */
    ExceptionFrame   *efp;          /* pointer to exception frame */
    Node         **ds_base;         /* base address of stack */
    unsigned int     ds_size;       /* size of data stack (segment) */
    Node         *ds;         /* saved data stack */

struct thread_surrogate {
    ThreadQueue        thd;         /* pointer to the "real" thread */
    ThreadQueue        link;        /* ring of surrogates for the thread */

union thread_node {
    struct thread_state     t;
    struct thread_surrogate s;

extern ThreadQueue rq;

#line 148 "threads.nw"
enum suspend_reason {
    None,               /* interrupted */
    Yield,              /* rescheduled due non-determinism */
    Delay,              /* suspended due to unbound variable */
    Eval                /* suspended due to locked application */

#line 181 "threads.nw"
extern void start_thread(Label l);
extern Label suspend_thread(Label l, Node *n);
extern Label delay_thread(Label l, Node *n);
extern Label yield_thread(Label l);
extern Label yield_delay_thread(Label l, Node *n);
extern Label activate_threads(ThreadQueue wq, Label l);
extern void wake_threads(ThreadQueue wq);
extern ThreadQueue join_queues(ThreadQueue tq1, ThreadQueue tq2);

#line 208 "threads.nw"
extern Node *save_continuation(Label l, Node **ds_base);
extern void restore_continuation(Node *cont);
extern Label resume_continuation(Node *cont);

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